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Tis’ The Season… For Dry Eye!


Ah, the Holiday Season! Reading books by the fireplace, or Christmas shopping on our computers at night; What a magical time of year!

But as the temperatures and the humidity both drop, the likelihood of a person getting dry eye goes way up.

There are certain clues you can detect that your eyes are drying out:

  1. A gritty sensation (like sand is in your eyes)
  2. Chronic redness that won’t go away
  3. Fluctuating vision, especially if reading or while using the computer
  4. Tearing that occurs when you go outside

Many people who experience this (and many doctors as well) simply dismiss this as “just dry eye” but these little nuisances can balloon into serious problems if left untreated.

Here at Omni Eye, Dr. Schmidt uses cutting-edge technology to not just treat the disease but to also make your quality of life better. Using the newest technology such as Tear Lab Osmolarity testing helps him make a more accurate diagnosis. He is employing the newest treatment options, such as True Tear and Lipiflow treatments to alleviate the symptoms of dry eye which make the lives of dry eye sufferers much more difficult.

You no longer have to tolerate dry eye.  Make an appointment today with Dr. Schmidt, so you can have the gift of healthier eyes for Christmas!