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Find Lasting Dry Eye Relief in Wilmington

At Omni Eye Specialists, we understand the frustration and discomfort of having dry eyes. That's why we offer personalized dry eye management options to our members in the Wilmington community and beyond in order to provide relief.

Our experienced optometrists work closely with you to determine the most suitable solution, taking into account your symptoms, diagnosis, and personal preferences. Throughout the management process, we will make adjustments as necessary to ensure that you find the relief you have been seeking.

dry eye treatment

Gritty to Glistening: Advanced Dry Eye Solutions

We employ a variety of advanced dry eye management technologies to effectively alleviate dry eye symptoms. Our comprehensive approach addresses the underlying causes of dry eye, providing long-lasting comfort through the use of innovative healing eye drops and specialized procedures designed to unclog blocked oil glands.

autologousserum treatment

Autologous Serum

This innovative solution uses your blood to create eye drops that provide fast and effective relief from inflammation. By promoting healthy cell growth and tear production, Autologous Serum heals the surface of your eye, offering the comfort you deserve.

avenova treatment


Avenova® is a specialized spray solution that fights off bacteria commonly found on eyelids and lashes. It's an essential addition to your dry eye management regimen, ensuring the cleanliness of your eyelids and glands.

blephex treatment


For patients suffering from blepharitis, our BlephEx™ treatment offers relief. This procedure clears clogged oil glands near the base of your eyelashes, preventing tears from evaporating too quickly. With a medical-grade micro-sponge, our optometrists gently exfoliate away bacterial debris, providing immediate comfort.

brudereyemask treatment

Bruder Eye Compress

Our Bruder Eye Compresses are available for purchase and provide at-home relief. These heated devices open glands and improve tear production, complementing our other solutions.

maskin treatment

Maskin Procedure

While similar to BlephEx, the Maskin procedure is more rigorous. Administered under local anesthesia, it unclogs oil glands along the eyelid. It effectively relieves eyelid tenderness.

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Optima™ IPL

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is a revolutionary treatment for skin and eyelid inflammation, often the root cause of dry eye. Targeting abnormal vessels with light pulses stimulates the function of meibomian glands and overall relief of dry eye symptoms.

prokera treatment


Ideal for damaged or eroded corneas, Prokera® heals the eye's surface while reducing inflammation. Inserted by our optometrists, this device, similar to a contact lens, contains amniotic tissue with natural therapeutic properties. Though it may take some adjustment, it relieves dry eye pain.

punctalplugs treatment

Punctal Plugs

When eye drops prove insufficient, eye doctors might consider punctal plugs. These tiny devices block tear ducts, preventing tears from draining and increasing your eye's tear film and moisture. Inserted in-office, they are practically unnoticeable.

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In clinical studies, VEVYE has demonstrated its effectiveness for dry eye disease. It provides fast relief from inflammation within 15 days and improves symptoms within 30 days. Well-tolerated, with 99.8% reporting no or mild discomfort, VEVYE is free from preservatives, oils, and surfactants. It's applied only twice a day for convenient use.

xiidra treatment


Xiidra®, which manages the signs and symptoms of dry eye, targets surface inflammation and prevents inflammatory cell binding. Many experience relief in less than two weeks, with reduced signs of dry eye by week 12.