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Dr. Schmidt’s Latest Research Has Just Been Published!!

Many of you know that Dr. Schmidt does a great deal of research on drugs and devices designed to improve the quality of life for people with eye disease. His most recent research and study, on a drug he has helped to develop, has just been published in a European Ophthalmology journal.

This study revolves around the drug called Lenstatin. Lenstatin is a pill that has been shown to slow down the progression of cataracts in patients delaying the need for surgery in the majority of those who took the pill. Dr. Schmidt feels that this drug could have tremendous positive effects especially in less developed countries where cataract surgery is not as technologically advanced as it is here in the U.S.

“In many countries around the world cataracts are a vision threatening disease because the people simply don’t have access to good surgical care like we do here in the States,” says Dr. Schmidt. “Lenstatin, because it greatly slows down the development of cataracts, could be a tremendous way of maintaining sight for people in such countries.” Dr. Schmidt goes on to say, “It is our hope that we can get this pill, which has no side effects by the way, to people in the African continent, the Philippines and similarly less developed nations, to really ease the burden that untreated cataracts are causing.”

We are so proud of you Dr. Schmidt! Way to go!!

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