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Back to School Check list-make sure you have all the essentials!

Healthy Vision is the key to learning!  As we approach BTS, we have checked many "to-do" items off our list.  Was an eye exam one of your "to-do's"?

People frequently misunderstand the key role that healthy vision plays in learning.  Did you know that 80% if all learning comes from our vision?

Participating in school involves many visual demands and visual abilities.  All parents want their children to succeed in school but they often forget the most important tool in the key to learning.  They provide them with the best educational sources such as tutors and  pay for special learning programs.  They provide them with the best tools such as efficient planners and advanced calculators but too often  the one important tool may be overlooked -a child's vision!

When certain visual skills are not developed or poorly developed children will avoid reading, avoid homework, experience discomfort that leads to hyperactivity, and they may have a lower level of comprehension.  Undiagnosed and untreated visual and focusing problems can be exhibited and diagnosed as a behavior issue such as ADHD.

Give your child all the tools they need for a healthy learning environment.  vision changes happen frequently-an annual eye exam should be the number one "to-do" for your back-to-school list.

Check off the best to do for your child's success in learning, an annual eye exam! Remember 80% of all learning is visual!