Leaders in technology, that is the expectation of the doctors at Omni Eye Specialists.  Whether it is using the most advanced technology of The OPD Machine to detect aberrations of the human eye that cannot be detected by a human eye or studying corneal topographies, we use state-of-the-art technology to get you the best Optical Solution for your vision!  

The Tests


Visual Field Testing

Visual field testing is most frequently used to detect any signs of glaucoma damage to the optic nerve. It measures an entire individuals scope of vision.  In addition, visual field tests are useful for detection of central or peripheral retinal disease, eyelid conditions such asptosis or drooping, optic nerve disease, and diseases affecting the visual pathways within the brain. 

OCT Machine

OCT machines can generate images of the retina and can bypass the optics of the eye allowing for almost 25 times better resolution than other imaging machines. This better resolution allows Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Sutton to see the layers and details of the retina. It allows our doctors at Omni Eye Specialists  to see the tiniest details inside the eye and detect and treat any possible eye diseases before damage is done.  Early detection can and will save your sight!

Corneal Topography

Corneal topography is a procedure used to monitor and measure changes that may occur to the shape and integrity of the cornea of your eye. A corneal topography projects a series of illuminated rings onto the surface of the cornea, which are reflected back into the instrument. After analyzing the reflected rings of light, the computer generates a topographical map of the cornea. The images produced by the topographer can be helpful for the doctors of Omni Eye when analyzing the health of your eyes. So, why do our doctors use this testing? Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Sutton want your contact lenses to fit your eyes as well as possible, and knowing the exact shape of your cornea is extremely important. Contact lenses that are too tight may constrict normal tear flow, creating an unhealthy environment for normal cell function. On the other hand, fitting a lens that is too loose may allow for excess movement of the lens on your eye, causing discomfort and possibly damage to the epithelial cells.




Do you have visual complaints such as Diplopia, halos, star bursts, ghosting, glare, and problems with night vision? Have you returned to your eye doctor many times sharing these symptoms only to be told that your eyes are fine? Have you had Refractive Surgery? Do you want to have Refractive Surgery? You may need to get checked for High Order Aberrations (HOA) by an eye doctor using Wavefront Technology.

Many problems can arise when the eyes form an image of what they see. Ideally, light received by the eye will be properly focused on the retina. In reality, the light is sometimes distorted by imperfections in the cornea and lens. These distortions are called aberrations, and an aberrometer is used to measure them. With this measurement, our doctors can correct this higher order of aberrations and help you with problems due to glare, night time vision loss, computer glare and more to give you the best optical solution designed specifically for your eyes.


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