I said "YES to the above symptoms"!, What Now?

It is time for a visit to North Carolina's first Dry Eye Center.  Most doctors do not diagnose Dry Eye Symptoms.  Dry Eye is one of the most under diagnosed or misdiagnosed conditions we see.   The reason why is because there is no one test that can diagnose dry eye.  It takes multiple tests and a doctor who is specially trained in dry eye and who will listen  to the patient as they describe their difficulties.   It takes a few visits to the doctor, specific tests and some weeks before the correct diagnosis is made.  Most eye doctors do not have the special diagnostic equipment or the patience to accurately diagnose dry eye disease.

How is it Treated at our Dry Eye Center?

     There is no "one size fits all" treatment.  There are many different therapies for dry eye.  The therapy needs to be specific to the individual patients, that is why we have created a whole Dry Eye Center to help.   Some common mistakes that doctors make is treating patients dry eyes with over the counter artificial tears.  This at most, provides a temporary relief and in no way fixes the problem.

Prescription drops are often needed to calm down inflammation and begin the healing process.  There are new procedures that we use to cure the problems.  These techniques involve non-invasive procedures to stimulate the lacrimal (tear) gland, clean out obstructed glands or get debris off the surface of the eye  These procedures are very new and novel and most eye doctors are not trained to do these procedures.

At The North Carolina's Dry Eye Center, we use the most revolutionary technique.  This involves making eyedrops using the patients own blood!  We are one of the few practices in the state that can do this amazing procedure that has been a miracle for those people that require it.  The second technique uses a membrane shield made of human growth hormones that is placed directly on the eyes for ten days.  This treatment heals the dry eyes and rejuvenates the dry surface to it's normal condition!

Please schedule a dry eye exam with North Carolina's first Dry Eye Center and their expert Eye doctors  and find the relief you been waiting for !