tina turnage

Tina is a front desk receptionist at Omni Eye Specialists where she also enjoys working in insurance. 

She is a 15 year veteran of the medical field,having worked in the field of rheumatology, ophthalmology

and currently optometry. Her interests include reading, cooking and playing the ukulele. 

She is married to her husband of 16 years and has a cat named Angel.

Melinda Cutrell

Melinda is a front desk receptionist at Omni Eye Specialists. Melinda was born and raised in Wilmington. She is married and has 4 children and one grandson. She spends her spare time with her family and enjoys spending time with her husband outdoors kayaking and fishing. 




tracey schmidt

Co-founder  and Chief Financial Officer of Bladen Eye Center and Omni Eye Specialists.  Tracey graduated with a degree in Business  and concentration in Retail Marketing from the University of Illinois.  She began her career in management with Saks Fifth Avenue and spent most of her days as a  Fashion Buyer with John Wanamaker Stores, a division of Carter Hawley Hale .  She loves to spend time any and all time with her three kids, playing tennis and whenever she has a moment, putting her feet in the white sand at Masonborough Island.