It's Dry Eye Season

As we turn the calendar to February we hit the deepest part of our winter – and the height of dry eye season. Our skin and our eyes are subjected to the heat running in our houses and offices and dry, cold , windy air when we go outside. These factors all contribute to drying of our ocular surface and irritated eyes.


Just like you can use lotion for your dry skin, there are drops available to help the symptoms of dry eye. There are a great variety of eye drops available both over the counter and as a prescription for the treatment of dry eyes. But BE CAREFUL, as many of the OTC drops have preservatives and other unwanted ingredients that actually can make the symptoms of dry eye worse.


If you are experiencing the symptoms of dry eye (itching, burning, tearing or gritty sensation and red eyes) please let one of our doctors address this with you so we can design the correct treatment for your particular case. We can design the treatment best suited for you to get rid of those annoying symptoms. Call us today at 9110-793-2010 to get started.
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