Wilmington Tennis Ladies Learn to See The Ball .....

You hear the term "seeing the ball" thrown around in tennis all the time or any sport for that matter, but what does it really mean.  Yes, it means the obvious, look the ball all the way on the the racket.  Connect your eyes like a laser to the ball until the ball meets the racket.  It also means keep your head still and down until the ball meets the racket.

But did you know you can improve seeing the ball by knowing what your dominant eye is ?  What does it mean "your dominant eye"?  We all have one eye that is more dominant than the other.  So how do we know what that eye is?  A simple trick is form your hand in a diamond in front of one eye and close the other eye.  Focus on an object on the wall 5 feet away and see if the object is more centered in one of your eyes.  If for instance the object on the wall is more centered in your left eye you are left eye dominant and vise-versa.  If you are right handed and left eye dominant this is a strong advantage in tennis as your dominant eye is in front, where you will be focusing on the ball.

Knowing which eye is dominant can improve your game dramatically as you can focus that eye specifically on that yellow fuzzy ball.  Tennis women, improve your game and know what eye is dominant!  This combined with a brown polarized pair of quality sunglasses can give you a head start in winning your match!

Brown polarized lenses are key in seeing the ball clearly.  The reason is brown offers real true colors of greens, reds and yellows.  It is the cleanest filter for accenting the ball against the ground thus giving you better depth and sight on the ball.  Polarized lenses are the only lenses that filter out surface glare.  Surface glare is the glare that bounces off surfaces like tennis courts and goes directly into your eyes, causing the most UV damage.  Polarized lenses are key to eliminating the most glare and seeing the ball, but more importantly protecting your eyes against cataracts and macular degeneration which is directly caused by this type of glare.

Keep your eyes healthy and focused on that yellow ball and it is a win-win for you!  Winning in tennis and winning in the health and vision of your eyes.