January is Glaucoma Awareness Month....don't let it be a secret.....

As it maybe the last secret you want to keep!  Glaucoma is a silent disease.  It is called the "Sneak Thief of Sight", as there are no symptoms and once your vision is lost, it is permanent.  As much as 40% of sight can be lost at one time.

January is Glaucoma National Awareness Month.  Let the word get out.  Talk to your friends and family about Glaucoma- it is important! Over 3 million people in the US have Glaucoma. Over 60 million in the world have Glaucoma.  

What is Glaucoma?  

It is a series of diseases that steals your eye sight.  Vision loss occurs as it causes damage to your Optic Nerve.  . Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness.  Don't be a victim to Glaucoma.

How do I know I have it?

 I mean, if it is silent, how will I know?

Your only way to know,  is to have  regular eye exams.  A comprehensive eye exam will detect if you have the disease and then you can start immediate treatment to control the disease and pressure of your eye.  Annual eye exams are a must, as the disease starts typically in your peripheral vision, causing loss of vision were you cannot detect it immediately.  It isn't until the disease progresses that you notice vision loss.  That is why regular scheduled eye exams are important for early detection and diagnosis.

Don't let it be a secret!

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