Sports Vision Awareness Month

Do you or anyone in your family or any of your friends play sports?  If so, you really need to read on......

Over 100,000 people are injured yearly by sports- related eye injuries.  About 14,000 of these injuries result in permanent eye loss.  All of this can be avoided by simply wearing sports eye wear.  Eye protection is the key to saving your sight.

Whether you play soccer, lacrosse, baseball , basketball or football, protect your eyes!  Regular eye glasses do not do the trick.  You should invest in a quality pair of sports goggles with a supportive lens that is made out of polycarbonate.  This lens is a very tough lens that will withstand high impact blows and it also offers a thinner material, so your clarity and sight lines will be great with the sport in which you play.

Stop by and see Cindy Cirrillo and invest in a quality lens to improve your game, and make you a winner all around in your sport and sight.