What to do if your child suffers from an eye injury!


December is a wonderful month full of joy, family time and toys galore!  With all the excitement in the air, it is more important than ever, to be vigilant with toys around the eyes.  If your child should suffer an eye injury, please follow our doctors recommendations on what to do.  And of course call your eye doctor or us immediately to schedule an appointment to have your child's eye examined.

Cut to the Eye/Eye Puncture

•Avoid rubbing the eye or surrounding skin.

•Protect the eye by covering the eye with a rigid, circular object - cutting out the bottom of a paper cup will work.

•Avoid applying pressure on the eye while holding up the protective covering.

•Affix the protective covering over the eye using a piece of tape.

•Seek medical attention from an optometrist right away or go to the emergency room. 

Eye Trauma

•Apply a cold compress or ice pack against the eye without pressure.

•Keep your head elevated to minimize swelling.

•Seek medical attention from an optometrist or go to the emergency room if you experience pain, decreased vision, or light sensitivity.

Happy Holidays !