The Dry Eye Center of the Carolina's is now utilizing the BlephEx treatment for patients with chronic, inflammatory disease of the eyelids caused by an overgrowth of normal bacteria living along the lid and base of the eye lases. BlephEx is removes the inflammatory deposits and debris that leads to chronic lid disease and discomfort by carefully spinning a medical great micro-sponge along the edge of the eyelids and lashes. 

    Before                                         After






The Dry Eye Center of the Carolina's is now performing the state-of-the art procedure, LipiFlow. During the treatment process, the technician will insert the LipiFlow activators which separate the eyelids from the cornea. These heated pads gently warm and massage the front and back of the eyelids to help express debris that has been trapped in the glands. LipiFlow treats Dry Eye by clearing blocked glands in your eyelids allowing normal production of oils needed in your tear film. Think of LipiFlow as an oil change for your eyes. The treatment expels old oil and your body replenishes the glands with new, fresh oil. This will allow for you glands to funcion as they should, and express oil throughout the day. LipiFlow leads to a more stable tear film and provides great relief to certain dry eye patients. 


Autologous Serum

This is a revolutionary treatment that only very few doctors employ. Our doctors use the patient's own blood to make eye-drops to battle Dry Eye. By making use of the patients own blood, these drops can basically short circuit the inflammation that is the cause of the symptoms of the patient's Dry Eye.